SWIFT Smartcard

SWIFT is the new easy and flexible way of travelling around the West Midlands.

There are three types of SWIFT card available:

Pay As You Go

The cashless way to buy single or day tickets for use on buses and the Metro.

  • Cheaper tickets than paying with cash
  • No need to find exact change
  • No photo, share with friends or family when you’re not using it
  • Auto top-up available, never run out of credit
Season Tickets

Most weekly, monthly and annual passes for travel on buses, Metro and trains are now only issued on SWIFT.

  • Great for commuters and students who travel often
  • Requires a photo – only you can use it
  • Easy to buy and renew online
  • Spread the cost with Direct Debit
Multi Day Tickets

A SWIFT card loaded with 5, 10 or 15 day tickets for all day travel on bus services.

  • Great for flexible or part time workers
  • Cheaper than buying a ticket on the day
  • Buy online or at your local Travel Centre
  • No photo, share with friends or family when not using it

Find out more information on the various types of SWIFT card available and how to use at the SWIFT website.