Severe Weather – Further Disruption Expected

Today (10th December) saw an unprecedented amount of snowfall across the West Midlands region, which resulted in all bus services being suspended until tomorrow morning due to severe weather conditions.

The snow appears to be easing up for now, but it is forecast to continue through the night until around 3am, however temperatures are currently dropping and are not expected to rise above freezing point tomorrow, which is causing ice to form on roads that have already been cleared.

Gritting teams will be out overnight across the region, however bus services are expected to experience continued disruption tomorrow morning.

If you need to travel by public transport tomorrow morning, please check the below links before setting out to see if your service is running or not.

Please be aware that even if your bus service is running, it may be subject to delays and diversions, so please only travel if it is absolutely necessary, and make sure you are prepared in case services get cancelled or diverted. Wear shoes or boots that provide traction on snow and ice. Walk on designated walkways as much as possible.

Check West Midlands weather forecast at Weather Channel

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  1. I honestly think for the safety of everyone that buses should not be running tomorrow, as in my opinion the roads are far too dangerous!

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