Contactless payment now available on all NX buses in the West Midlands

UPDATE: Contactless payment is now available on all National Express buses in the West Midlands and Coventry areas.

This week National Express will be rolling out contactless payment on their buses in the Black Country area. This means that you must remove your bus pass from wallets or purses before touching it on the reader.

If you do not separate your cards, only placing the one you want to use on the reader – you may be accidentally charged to a contactless card.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Place your card on the red dot on the card machine at the front of the bus.

2. Wait for the positive beep and green screen.

3. No ticket will be issued, just take a seat.

Contactless is a quick, easy and secure way to pay for your bus travel in the Black Country area and Coventry.

Most UK banks now issue their debit, credit, charge or pre-paid cards as contactless cards. Some other methods of contactless payment are also accepted on our services, including Apple Pay (iPhone & Apple Watch) and Android Pay (phones).

Simply place your card or device on the red dot on the reader at the start of your journey. Wait briefly for a positive beep and a green screen and take a seat – it’s as easy as that. Make sure you use the same contactless card, mobile or other device must be touhed on the red dot on our card readers on every trip you take that day to make sure you are charged the correct fare.

When you get off the bus do not touch your card or device on the reader again or you may be charged for another bus journey.

Contactless is only available for individual travel. If you’re travelling with other people, each person must have their own contactless card. You can’t share the same contactless card to pay for travel.

Daily charges:

1 trip £2.40
2 trips or more never pay more than the cost of a daysaver
in total for the day*

More information available at the NX Buses website by clicking here.

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