New NX Bus mobile app available

National Express Bus have launched a new version of their mobile app for showing bus timetable information.

After a buggy start, it appears to be functioning quite nicely, and while not as simple or intuitive to use as the ‘old’ app, it does provide some additional new functionality.

The map now highlights bus stops that are within an approximate five minute walking distance and shows realtime arrival information (for NX Bus services only, other operators show timetabled only).

Tap on an individual bus service, and the screen then shows you the approximate position of buses on that route.

So now, for those who have ever wondered “where’s the bus?” now you know! The positioning on the map isn’t entirely accurate though, but I believe this may be due to lags or delays in transmitting and processing location data from the bus itself.

The app covers the whole West Midlands area including Coventry, and does also show information for other operators’ bus services, though real-time and bus position data is only available for NX bus services.

The top left menu icon also provides links to useful pages on the NX Bus website, including Service Changes.

Future enhancements would appear to include the merging of the M-Tickets app, so you’ll only need one app to see journey information and to buy tickets.

It’s not perfect by any means yet, but if they can keep it up and running, it will be a very useful app to have installed on your phone or tablet.

Users of the current app will see prompts to download and install the new app, new users can download from Google Play or Apple store by searching for NATIONAL EXPRESS BUS TRACKER.

Google Play link:


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