Return of the Coventry Circle

From Sunday 24th March, the current 43, 60, and 61 services operated by DeCourcey Travel in Coventry will be withdrawn, and replaced with new circular services 60 and 61.

This pretty much restores the old 360A/C circular services which were introduced in 2013 and then withdrawn in 2016.


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  1. Will this overtake the 11, in terms of it being the longest urban route in Europe?
    The 11 is still a very iconic route, and very well known route, I wander if the 60/61 will ever receive the same status the 11 has?

    Also announced now and confirmed by the operators registration on VOSA, from the end of April the X3 and X51 will be extended all day:
    X3 – Birmingham City Centre to Lichfield City Centre.
    X51 – Birmingham City Centre to Cannock Town Centre.

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