Service Changes – April 2019

Sunday April 21st

A number of changes will be taking place for services in the Black Country area from this date.

Service 5 – Stourbridge to Dudley via Kingswinford
Service 5A – Wall Heath to Dudley

NX’s existing 5 service will be extended from Kingswinford high street to Stourbridge, replacing the route served by the current Diamond 267 service. Buses will run via Lawnswood and Ashwood Park, providing new links to Dudley and Russells Hall Hospital.

A new service, the 5A will run from Wall Heath to Dudley.

View the new 5 & 5A timetable

Services 10A & 10C – Stourbridge to Pedmore & Oldswinford Circulars 

The 10A & 10C are new services replacing the exisiting Diamond 288 routes. 

Buses will run at an improved frequency of up to every 30 minutes combined but will no longer serve Stourbridge high street directly. 

Norton will no longer be served by this route, however NX’s 7 service will continue to provide a link to Stourbridge, running up to every 20 minutes.

View the new 10A & 10C timetable

Service 11C – Birmingham Outer Circle

Discount Travel will no longer operate journeys on this service. No change to NX timetables.

Service 14 – Dudley to Halesowen
Service 14A – Dudley to Merry Hil

New service 14A will be introduced to replace the Diamond 208 service, as well as part of their 24 route. 

The 14A will run between Dudley, Elm Terrace, Portway Road, Blackheath, Waterfall Lane, Codsall Road, Cradley Heath and Merry Hill, providing a much requested replacement the old 129 service between Merry Hill and Blackheath that was withdrawn in September 2018.

These services will combine to run up to every 30 minutes between Dudley and Blackheath. 

Halesowen and Merry Hill will each be served every hour.

View the new 14 & 14A timetable

Service 17A – Stourbridge to Wall Heath

This new service will replace the current Diamond 657 route and extend beyond Kingswinford to Wall Heath.

View the new 17A timetable

Service 22 – Oldbury to Bearwood

This new service will replace the existing Diamond 122 service between Oldbury, Langley, Warley and Bearwood.

View the new 22 timetable

Service 24 – Foxyards & Dudley to Merry Hill

This new service will replace the current Diamond 24 and 124 routes. 

Between Foxyards and Dudley, buses will run along Priory Road and Forest Road, replacing the 81 service on Forest Road. 

The 24 will now serve Blackheath town centre directly. 

Between Blackheath and Merry Hill, the 24 will change to serve Rowley Regis Hospital, Copse Road in Saltwells and Cradley Heath Interchange.

View the new 24 timetable

Service 61 – Wolverhampton to Goldthorn Park

This new service will replace the existing Diamond 61 service.

View the new 61 timetable

Service 81 – Wolverhampton to Dudley and Merry Hill

Minor route changes will be made to this service, with Forest Road no longer be served by the 81. The new 24 service will instead cover Forest Road. 

In Netherton, buses will run along Cradley Road and Marriott Road, replacing the Diamond 124 service.

View the new 81 timetable

Sunday 28th April

The following service changes are implemented from this date:

3 – Brownhills to Walsall 

  • The 3 will be renumbered service 8 and will run additional services on Monday – Saturday daytimes, up to every 30 minutes.
  • Monday – Saturday journeys will extend beyond Brownhills Parade to Brownhills West, The Rising Sun.
  • The current service 8 between Walsall & Pelsall, Shortlands Lane will be renumbered service 8A and operate every 30 minutes.
  • Combined, the new 8, 8A & 9 services will provide buses to from Walsall to Pelsall up to every 10 minutes.

View the new 8 & 8A timetable

8 & 8A – Brownhills / Pelsall to Walsall

  • The current service 8 between Walsall & Pelsall, Shortlands Lane will be renumbered service 8A and operate every 30 minutes.
  • Combined, the new 8, 8A & 9 will provide buses to from Walsall to Pelsall up to every 10 minutes.

View the new 8 & 8A timetable

NEW 9 – Bloxwich to Walsall

  • The current 89 route between Walsall & Bloxwich will be replaced by a new service 9, running up to every 30 minutes.

View the new 9 timetable

10 & 10A – Brownhills / Lichfield to Walsall

  • Revised timetables in the week. 

View the new timetable for 10 & 10A

10, 10A & 10B – Perton / Pattingham / Codsall to Wolverhampton

  • Revised timetables throughout the week. 
  • More buses will serve at peak times, up to every 15 minutes (up to every 20 minutes off-peak) between Wolverhampton and Perton.
  • From this date, Arriva will no longer run on the 10.

View the new timetable for 10, 10A & 10B

10 – Birmingham to Quinton
10S – Quinton to Selly Oak

  • Service 10 will have some timetable changes.
  • Service 10S will be extended from Selly Oak to Northfield via Swarthmore Road and Black Haynes Road.

View new timetable for 10
View new timetable for 10S

17 – Birmingham to Tile Cross

  • Buses in the evenings will run to new times.

View the new 17 timetable

22 – Wednesbury Circular

Diamond’s current 22 service between Wednesbury and Tipton is revised to become a circular service.

35B – Lichfield to Walsall
36 – Aldridge to Lichfield

35B service withdrawn by Diamond Buses due to loss of Staffordshire CC contract, partially replaced with new 36 service operated by Select Buses.

45 & 47 – Birmingham to Longbridge

  • New timetable to help buses run more reliably. 

View the new 45 & 47 timetable

46 – Birmingham to Perry Barr 

  • Service is renumbered 52 and extends from Perry Barr to Perry Beeches estate.

49 – West Bromwich to Bearwood

  • Revised weekday morning timetable to improve reliability. 
  • The current 08:25 journey from West Bromwich to Bearwood on Saturday mornings will be retimed to 08:20.

View the new 49 timetable

NEW 52 – Birmingham to Perry Beeches via Lozells and Perry Barr

  • The new 52 will run every 15 minutes between Birmingham and Perry Barr. 
  • Buses will extend from Perry Barr about every 30 minutes to Perry Beeches estate during Monday – Saturday daytimes. 
  • At busier times on weekdays extra buses will run to and from Perry Beeches estate. 
  • In the evening, buses will run hourly. 
  • On Sunday daytimes, buses will run about every 30 minutes.

View the new 52 timetable

53 – Wolverhampton to Rocket Pool

This service will be operated by Banga Buses following end of temporary contract awarded to Diamond Buses.

55 – Birmingham to Chelmsley Wood

  • New timetable to help buses run more reliably. 

View the new 55 timetable

NEW 60 – Wolverhampton to Bloxwich

  • New service 60 will be introduced to replace the current 89 service between Wolverhampton and Bloxwich. 
  • Buses will continue to run up to every 20 minutes. 

View the new 60 timetable

80 & 80A – West Bromwich to Birmingham

  • Revised Monday – Saturday timetable.  

View the new 80 & 80A timetable

89 – Walsall to Wolverhampton

  • Service withdrawn, the current 89 route between Walsall & Bloxwich will be replaced by new service 9, running up to every 30 minutes.
  • The current 89 route between Wolverhampton and Bloxwich is replaced by new service 60.

94 – Birmingham to Chelmsley Wood 

  • New timetable to help buses run more reliably.

View the new 94 timetable

97 – Birmingham to Chelmsley Wood 

  • New timetable to help buses run more reliably.

View the new 97 timetable

529 – Wolverhampton to Walsall

  • A revised weekday timetable, with an additional bus in the morning peak period to improve reliability. 
  • Following customer requests additional journeys will run just after the evening peak period.

View the new 529 timetable

952 – Birmingham to Perry Beeches

  • The 952 is to be withdrawn – the new 52 will run between Birmingham, Perry Barr and Perry Beeches, partly replacing the section between Perry Barr and Perry Beeches estate, also giving passengers the option to change onto the faster X51 to and from Birmingham city centre.

View the new 52 timetable

X3 – Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield, Hill Hook and Lichfield – 

  • Buses will extend from Hill Hook to Lichfield (replacing Midland Classic X12 which will be curtailed to operate between Burton and Lichfield).
  • The route will serve the Bishops Way stop on Lichfield Road in both directions instead of Shelley Drive. 
  • Buses will run about every 30 minutes during Monday – Saturday daytimes with a new hourly Sunday daytime service. 
  • During the day, Monday – Saturday, the X3 and X5 provide a direct link between Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Mere Green about every 15 minutes. 

View the new X3 timetable

X4 – Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield, Falcon Lodge and Minworth 

  • Buses will run more often, about every 15 minutes during Monday – Saturday daytimes, between Birmingham and Falcon Lodge. 
  • Buses will continue beyond Falcon Lodge, about every 30 minutes, to Minworth. 
  • In the evening buses will run hourly. 
  • On Sunday daytimes buses will run every 30 minutes between Birmingham and Minworth.

View the new X4 timetable

X5 – Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield and Roughley

  • Buses will run every 30 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes and every hour evenings and Sundays. 
  • During the day on Mondays to Saturdays, the X3 and X5 provide a direct link between Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Mere Green about every 15 minutes.

View the new X5 timetable

X20 – Birmingham to Rednal

  • The route will change between Longbridge Island and Rednal to run via Lickey Road and Groveley Lane, terminating instead at Cofton Hackett, Parsonage Drive. 
  • Buses will turn at Parsonage Lane and return the same way back to Longbridge Island. 
  • All bus stops on Lickey Road and Groveley Lane will be served. This means that the X20 will not run along Ashill Road, Cliff Rock Road, Edgewood Road or Lowhill Lane. The nearest alternative stops will be on Lickey Road. 
  • Buses will also stop at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. 
  • Buses will run more often in the evening. 

View the new X20 timetable

New route for X20 service in Rednal and Cofton Hackett

X21 – Birmingham to Woodcock Hill

  • Buses will run every 20 minutes during Monday – Saturday daytimes. 

View the new X21 timetable

X22 – Birmingham to Woodgate

  • Buses will run more often in the evening.

View the new X22 timetable

X51 – Birmingham to Walsall and Cannock

  • Buses will extend to Cannock every 20 minutes on weekdays and every 30 minutes on Saturdays. 
  • At peak times, buses to and from Cannock will run up to every 15 minutes. 
  • The route buses take between Walsall and Cannock will change. Buses will run along Bloxwich Road, instead of Green Lane, and along Holly Lane, Gorsey Lane and Hilton Lane in Great Wyrley. 
  • This means that Cheslyn Hay will not be served by the X51. In Bridgtown, buses will run along Watling Street, Delta Way and Walsall Road in both directions. 
  • (Between Birmingham and Walsall, the route will not change, and buses will run as often as now.)

View the new X51 timetable

X70 – Birmingham to Chelmsley Wood 

  • New timetable to help buses run more reliably.

View the new X70 timetable

There are some changes to school services as follows:

829 – Birmingham Colmore Row to St Paul’s School

  • Only one bus will run in the morning from Birmingham Colmore Row departing at 08:05. 
  • The afternoon buses will not change. 

View the new 829 timetable

889 – Heartlands and Yardley to CTC Kingshurst Academy

  • One bus will run in each direction.

View the new 889 timetable

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  1. Can someone please explain why the x21 service has been reduced. It was a 15 min service that was nearly always late and now its 20 mins and still late. I havent seen any improvements from when it was the x64. Why has this service been re routed so many times and still cant get it right. They blame traffic all the time. If we had a decent service maybe people would use public transport and leave car at home. If i could drive i would never use buses the way they are now.

  2. Service 49 West Bromwich to bearwood evening’s Sunday to Saturday, unrealistic running times you have to break the speed limit of 30 mph to keep time, in all honesty it’s not fair on the drivers as they hardly have time for a comfort break, its virtually non stop.

  3. Hi Stu

    Can you please add the timetable links for the timetables from the 28th April changes?

    Also would it be possible to add service changes for other operator on to your website, please?

    Thank you

  4. This NWM service changes information, seems to be becoming increasingly unreliable. Providing invalid and wrong information. Its still showing that from the 21/04/2019, they are making the Uni services limited stop. Also seemingly wrong.

      1. Not anymore. They originally were announced by National Express Express as Fast Express routes going non stop to the University. But since the services changed last July, they’ve reinstated all the stops from St James Road (By Five Ways Station) to Westmere (Universtiy Conference Centre) in Edgbaston. Most of which aren’t the most busy stops ever, so they don’t stop for long through there anyway. But they still seem to be fairly well used by a decent number of people. Today, they miss out just 2 stops on Bath Row (served by the 80) and 1 outbound on Pritchatts Road (Which is out of use).

        The X20 is still limited stop between Selly Oak and Northfield.

        1. The stops were reinstated at the same time the bus gate on George Road in Edgbaston opened.

      2. Not really anymore they only miss out a few stops on Bath Row (Served by the 80) and one stop on Pritchatts Road that was taken out of use.
        Though despite the stops being reinstated. I’d also say that they do still take the quickest route that’s possible. They are relatively quick for most of the day. At peak times and on busy Saturdays, some of the traffic can slow them down, largely the traffic around Bath Row coming into Birmingham City Centre, which is to be expected I think.

        1. The frequency increase that the corridor has had is also quite impressive I think.
          From every 20 minutes in 2012 using small mini buses, to every 6 minutes in 2019.
          The 636 is the predecessor of these routes.

  5. Probably will be the same buses and drivers on these extra trips as well? Given there is seemingly some sort of close connection between these operators.

  6. Looks like Discount Travel Solutions might not be going anywhere at all?
    If you go on Traveline WM and type in 11C, they are showing an 11C timetable valid from the 21st April for Discount Travel Solutions.
    Which shows they are staying on the 11C and also taking on all the journeys Social are coming off.

    They’re also showing a new timetable for the 11A effective from the same date.

  7. A shame Social Travel are going later this month, though as NX always have capacity issues on the 11, its a struggle getting of rammed, with as many school kids as possible blocking the entrance to the bus. Always turned up on time everyday with plenty of room onboard. Never saw any problems on there buses.

    The DTS ones were never so good, one particular DTS would take short cuts and whatever route he liked.

  8. “West Midlands Bus Users As far as I am aware, Discount Travel operated their 11C journeys commercially with no subsidy from TfWM. Likewise for Social Travel, who have now had their operating licence revoked by the Traffic Commissioner and are no longer running journeys on the 11A/C or 72 services. TfWM would not subsidise journeys operated on otherwise successful commercial routes.”

    Think your confusing Social Travel for Sunny Travel there?
    Its Sunny travel that have had there operating licence revoked by the traffic commsioner immediately and there 72 will no longer operate. Sunny Travel had one bus on the 72.

    Social Travel are separate, and are seemingly coming of for some other reason, likewise DTS are coming of the 11C. At present Social Travel are still on the 11C, I’ve been on them in the past week.

    Not the end of these small operators though:
    RK Travel will still be on the 72 and Discount Travel the 11A and 72, plus a weekly 966 journey.

    1. Sorry, yes my bad, mixed up Social with Sunny Travel there! 😀

      (No-one else seems to have noticed though!)

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