Network West Midlands identity to be phased out

The Network West Midlands brand and identity is being phased out, and will be replaced by a new ‘West Midlands Network’ identity.

You may have noticed in recent weeks that many older bus shelters across the West Midlands have had a lick of new paint – the dark blue and orange making way for a new grey and red look.

It’s all part of introducing the new ‘West Midlands Buses’ identity to sit alongside the ‘West Midlands Metro’ and ‘West Midlands Rail’ brands.

Now, as printed timetables are being updated ahead of September’s service changes and reversion to normal timetables after the school holiday, a new design has been launched. The format of how timetable information is presented thankfully hasn’t changed, just the colour scheme and the use of the new ‘West Midlands Buses’ logo.

There is also a new design for the bus stop flag, which I haven’t personally seen yet, but I understand is being used now where flags are being replaced (due to service number changes etc).

What do you think? It all looks very ‘London’ to me, with the grey/red shelter colour scheme, bit dull and insipid to be honest, but at least the shelters look a bit smarter with a new coat of paint.

I just wonder if the even older green/yellow shelters will finally get a new coat of paint!

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