Service Changes 15th March – new service to QEH and other timetable changes

From Sunday 15th March, NX Bus will be introducing one new service, withdrawing another, amending another, and revising some timetables.

WITHDRAWN – 10H (Birmingham to QE Hospital)
NEW – 25 (Birmingham to QE Hospital)

  • Following customer feedback, service 10H will be withdrawn and replaced with new service 25
  • The new 25 will continue to provide a link between the City Centre & Markets to Monument Road, but will then continue via Harborne Road and Harborne (The Green Man) to the QE Hospital and University Station
  • Edgbaston Park Road & Church Road will not be served by this new service.
  • From Harborne, the 25 operates a one way loop, via Somerset Road, Vincent Drive, QE Hospital, Metchley Lane.

ROUTE CHANGE – 54 / 54A (West Bromwich to Worlds End, Quinton)

As well as a minor timetable change to improve reliability, the service also has a slight route change.

  • Buses will now access Europa Village using Thynne Street instead of Birmingham Road in both directions

This looks like it might be fun, as Thynne Street is one-way only! I’m guessing there are some incomplete details here, and the service will return from Europa Village using Hope Street or Jesson Street.

Timetable revisions

Other services having minor timetable revisions to improve reliability:

  • 9 (Birmingham to Stourbridge)
  • 10 (Birmingham to Quinton)
  • 10S (Quinton to Selly Oak)
  • 44 (West Bromwich to Harvills Hawthorn)

In addition, service 40 (West Bromwich to Wednesbury) has a new timetable introduced as it becomes the latest West Midlands Bus partnership route.

More details and links to new timetables can as always be found on the NX West Midlands website.

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  1. Regarding the 54/54A, it does actually say that it will “access” Europa Village via Thynne Street, implying that it will leave it via the existing route, therefore the one way system will be no problem!

    1. Ah, thanks, I’m not too familiar with this route, guess I misunderstood the “in both directions” reference!

      1. It runs into Europa Lodge on a one way loop, so the route applies in both directions.

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