If you have a smartphone, there are a number of apps you can use to provide you with real-time bus schedules, journey planning, as well as mobile ticketing, all from the palm of your hand while on the move.

Network West Midlands

The Network West Midlands app covers public transport in Birmingham, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Solihull. and some stops outside the region – anywhere nBus tickets are valid. The app allows you to view next departures at your nearest, or a specific, bus, train and tram stop, and provides real-time and scheduled information on services – you can even save regular journeys to your favourites so you can view at the click of a button.


  • Receive the latest service updates and network news
  • Find out other useful travel information like tickets and operator contact details
  • Links to a basic* mobile Journey Planner
  • Integrates with Maps and is location aware

*For the optimum Journey Planner experience download the sister app NetNav

Search for: Network West Midlands (NWM) in your phone’s App Store

National Express Bus (NX Bus)

The New NX Bus app brings nxbus mTickets and live bus tracking into one single place.

Start travelling straight away with discounted fares on the NX Bus app. You can buy bus travel the way you want, wherever you are with nxbus mTickets available including single journeys, all day, group, 1 week & 4 week travel. Your mobile becomes your bus ticket to show to the driver. It’s secure, fast and simple to use. Adult, Group and Student ticket nxbus mTicket ranges are available.

Live buses
Track your National Express bus in real time to ensure you get the best estimated stop departure and arrival times. NX Bus app shows you bus times based on live bus locations throughout Birmingham, Black Country, Coventry and the rest of the West Midlands.

Key features include:

• Secure mobile ticketing with nxbus mTickets
• Pay quickly with debit/credit cards, Apple/Google Pay or PayPal
• Register an account so you never lose your ticket
• Track live National Express bus positions on each route in real time
• Automatically find your nearest National Express bus stops using your location
• Search for other bus stops by street name, bus stop name, place or postcode
• Save and rename a list of your favourite or most frequently used bus stops
• Plan your journey using any mode of public transport throughout Birmingham, Black Country, Coventry and the rest of the West Midlands
• Get the latest service information via our Twitter feed & Website

Search for NATIONAL EXPRESS BUS in your phone’s App Store.

Diamond Bus

Now you can get even more connected with Diamond Bus.

The Diamond Bus App gives you access to all the information and tools you need to get around on our services, right in the palm of your hand.

It allows you to track your bus and plan your journey using Diamond services in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and North West.

You can use your smart phone as your bus ticket when you buy Diamond Bus M-tickets. Simply purchase tickets on the app, activate them and present your phone screen to the ticket reader on our buses.

Features include:

  • Buy Diamond Bus tickets and passes.
  • Find your nearest bus stops and services using your geo-location.
  • Track your bus and check if it’s on-time.
  • Plan a journey using Diamond Buses and instructions on how to get to the bus stop.
  • Get next stop notifications on your phone, when travelling on a Diamond Bus service.
  • Manage your tickets account quickly and easily.
  • Check service timetable.
  • Get the latest service updates through our Twitter feed.
  • Create a list of favourite services.

Search for Diamond Bus in your phone’s App Store.


Compact, easy to use application which allows users find next bus departures at stops quickly and easily. Live predictions are given when available and buses can be tracked in real time. Recently viewed stops are automatically saved for easy reuse and favorite stops can be bookmarked with a single tap. Transit provider schedules can also be browsed.

In YourStop, users can find stops using three distinct methods. There is a detailed stop search facility and a capability to browse all of a transit providers stops on a map. Perhaps most useful though, is the “Locate the Nearest Stops” button which a user sees when they first launch the app. This marks all stop within half a mile of the user on a map. If there are less than 20, the next closest are shown.

A useful feature is a destination drop down box which appears when viewing departures for a stop. This lists all stops in alphabetical order that can be reached from this stop without changing bus or train. When a destination in the drop down list is selected, departures which do not stop at this destination are filtered out. All remaining departures will stop at the destination and the time at the destination shown.

Destination drop down combines well with live ride where you can follow your bus or train on the google trip map after it leaves your stop. The destination stop is clearly marked in a different color and you can easily see where you are in relation to it.


• Quickly find stops near you and display them alongside your location on a google map
• When available, real time predictions are displayed and automatically updated
• When available, your bus or train location is updated in real time on both a trip diagram and trip google map
• Powerful text based stop search facility
• All stops in a transit providers network can be browsed on a map
• Listings for a stop can be filtered by destination and the destination arrival time displayed
• Recently viewed stops are automatically saved and favorite stops can be bookmarked
• Live ride facility allows you to see exactly where you are when on a bus or train
• Service alerts shown when available
• More than 15 cities, hundreds of towns and 50,000 stops supported worldwide. Growing all the time.

Can be found at

Swift Collector

Swift is a transport smart card for buses, trams and trains in the West Midlands. It can store cash, season tickets and brand new types of travel products.

Download this app to view you current balance or products, and to collect top-ups and products that you’ve bought through your online Swift Account.

It’s really easy to use – just ensure your NFC and internet are switched on, then hold your Swift card to the back of your device. The app will tell you what products you already have loaded on your card. Just press the ‘Check for Update’ button to collect any top-ups or products you’ve bought online.

Search for Swift Collector in your phone’s App Store. (Requires NFC capable device, not available for Apple devices)

Know of any other useful smartphone apps that would be of interest to bus users? Join our Community Forum today, and post details in our ‘Apps’ forum section.

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