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Community and forum have been provided on this website for the provision of discussion of matters related to local bus services within the West Midlands region.

In the interests of freedom of speech and freedom of expression, comments and postings will be permitted on the grounds that they do not encroach on the following principles:

  • Please keep all discussions civil and on-topic (no personal attacks)
  • With the exception of 'off-topic' areas, please keep discussions relevant to the subject of public bus services or other local transport provision.
  • Community and forum posts should remain 'passenger-focused', with the exception of 'off-topic' areas.
  • All opinions are welcome here, though we ask that any opinions are backed up with some kind of observational or otherwise provable evidence; "bus services are shit" doesn't quite cut it I'm afraid.
  • At this point in time, you are only engaging with fellow bus users. Be nice to each other. If you disagree with someone's opinion, debate that opinion, don't attack or abuse the poster.
  • This website is run by a fellow bus user for the benefit of other bus users within the West Midlands region. I can't change the world right now, but if enough people come forward and make their voices known, there is every chance that at some point someone might sit up and listen. So don't shoot the messenger.

What's not allowed

  • Spam will not be tolerated - users and posts will be removed without warning
  • Abuse and personal attacks
  • 'Junk' or otherwise irrelevant posts and topics - unless posted in the general 'Chit-chat' area of the forum
  • Sharing of or encouraging any activity that would be deemed 'illegal'
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