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The West Midlands Bus Users (WMBU) website has been redesigned into a more ‘community-led’ platform, with its members at the heart of all discussions. The aim is to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for bus users in the region to get together and discuss issues, concerns, suggestions and all other bus service related subjects. Whether as an individual, or as a small local campaign group, this website aims to bring people together in order to gain support from each other.

Getting Started

You’ll need to register an account in order to participate, it’s simple to sign up, and it’s free to join. Your ‘nickname’ will be the name that appears on your posts and comments, you can either use your real name or a nickname if you prefer.

Please ensure you provide a valid email address as you’ll be sent an email with a link to activate your account.

Your Profile

You can access your Profile either from the link in the side-panel menu, or by clicking your username shown in the top menu bar.

With the exception of your ‘nickname’ (display name) and your ‘location’ (which doesn’t need to be specific, just a general suburb/town will do, eg “Billesley, Birmingham”) there are some optional profile fields which you may choose to fill in, this just helps fellow members to understand where you are and which services are of interest to you.


A number of Groups have been created already for the various areas of the West Midlands region. Please do join any that are of interest to you, you do not need to join every group, this allows you to avoid receiving updates that may be irrelevant to you.

Groups allow members with common ground to come together more easily. For example, concerns about bus service standards in Kingswinford may not be of much interest to someone living in Solihull.

Members are also allowed to create their own groups, and these can even be ‘sub-groups’ of existing ones.

For example, you may be part of a local campaign to save routes at risk of withdrawal in Walsall. In which case you are able to create a new group, with the ‘Walsall Bus Users’ group as it’s ‘parent’.

If any campaign group organisers need any help with setting up a Group here, please do get in touch.

All our Groups can be found here:


Discussion forums are a great way to organise and structure discussions and debates, as topics and replies don’t get ‘lost’ like they tend to with more modern ‘social stream’ feeds or timelines.

I am setting up a forum structure which will again be broken down into ‘area-specific’ boards, along with some more ‘general’ ones.

Start a discussion, ask a question, or join in an existing topic if you have something to add.

Each area-specific Group has its own discussion forum, you’ll need to be a member of that Group in order to join in discussions there.

Other discussion forums are available for all members to participate in.

Please also be sure to make yourself familiar with the Terms Of Service of this website.

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