Terms of Service

“West Midlands Bus Users” (“WMBU”) is a user-to-user community focused website aimed at users of public bus services within the West Midlands region.

The WMBU website is provided as a service for its members to discuss and share information pertaining to bus services and their operators within the West Midlands region.

Irrelevant, or otherwise ‘spam’ material, will be removed from the site at the admin’s discretion.

Members are free to express themselves freely and give their own opinion on relevant topics, however we have a few guidelines that we ask members to follow:

  • No personal attacks – debate the opinion, don’t resort to insults
  • Keep discussions civilised, please avoid resorting to using foul language
  • “Rumours” are not facts, and opinions are not truths – please be prepared to provide evidence for any claims that are made if questioned
  • No divulging of ‘confidential’ information – that includes confidential company information as well as any personal details of any other member
  • Do not pretend to be someone or something that you are not
  • Members are entirely responsible for any material they may post on this site, any activity that is clearly illegal or breaks any laws will be removed

Member accounts / profiles

On registering an account, members are required to provide some basic details, usually just a name and a ‘nickname’, your ‘nickname’ is used to identify you throughout the site, on posts, comments and forum discussions etc.

Some other fields are provided for members to fill in, these are entirely optional, and members are welcome to only fill in information that they are comfortable providing.

Your personal information will NEVER be sold off or passed on to any third-party, with the exception of any request from a law enforcement agency.

Website scope and aims

The purpose of this website is to allow its members to discuss concerns with, and share news and updates, regarding bus services within the West Midlands conurbation, made up of the cities of Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton, and the metropolitan boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull and Walsall.

Bus “enthusiasts” are welcome to join in discussions here, however we ask you to refrain from starting ‘enthusiast-specific’ topics here (bus photography, fleet/vehicle transfers, repaints etc), I would point you in the direction of the WM Buses In Photos website which has a lively discussion forum for those kinds of interests.

Enthusiast events which may be of interest to general passengers may be shared here if of relevance.

Members who wish to discuss any concerns and issues with bus services and their provision may do so here, but please be aware that this is presently a bus users only community forum, and no representatives of any bus operator or transport authority will be able to directly respond.

You may then ask “what’s the point?” to which our answer is: “to get support and advice from fellow bus users!”

Groups activity

Within the area-specific Groups, members of that Group can post simple updates in the Activity Feed, or start discussions in that Group’s discussion forum.

Please only post updates or share news in Group activity feeds where it is relevant to the area covered by that Group.

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